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Ancillary/event spawns change based on turn loaded

I'm a new player, and my understanding of how this game handles the random ancillaries and events is that they're supposed to be based on a continuous seed that's saved in your save game file so that you can't just savescum your way to desirable results. However, my experimentation has shown that this currently isn't the case.

I can demonstrate this in my current Cao Cao campaign by watching a battle between the A.I. Yuan Shu and Lu Bu after I pass on turn 17.

1) Load in on turn 16.
2) Pass two turns to reach turn 18. I can see the outcome of the battle and also gained a Wooden Dog ancillary.
3) Loading the turn 17 autosave and passing to turn 18 leaves Yuan Shu with the exact same number of people left alive in his army as in step 2, only this time I don't get the Wooden Dog.

Reloading turn 16 again and passing always gets me the Wooden Dog on turn 18, but loading from turn 17 does not. I've also seen this with events, where passing two turns gets an event but loading the autosave from the turn before and passing gives a different event or no event at all.

I learned this is how things are working the hard way in my current campaign. After fighting a successful battle I ended my turn and got a cool ancillary and a general with fantastic traits spawned in my faction. However, I immediately misclicked with my army and sent them to the wrong spot, so I loaded up the autosave so I could do it right. This time though, instead of my previous ancillary and general I was presented with the common Eavesdropper, and I have no way to get back to my previously fantastic result.

Is this working as intended?


  • RewanRewan Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,504
    Seed is locked but can be changed with some manipulations. (at some point I tried really hard to not have the Sun Jian event kick in... by building/cancelling building orders in my provinces. It worked for a while until all the seed options were death for the Sun.)
  • WealthyAardvarkWealthyAardvark Registered Users Posts: 7
    Sure, intentionally manipulating the seed is certainly a thing, but I don't see anything in my method that should be affecting the seed. It's not even like I can manipulate the seed by loading, saving, and then loading that new save; passing the turn from either of those will still give the same result on the next turn. It seems more like the turn you loaded in on is being used as a seed itself, and that makes me feel like I'm being forced into an ironman game because going back to the autosave so I can correct a misclick means I'll miss out on whatever random events I got. Heck, for me as it stands an autosave at the end of the turn is less useful than an autosave at the start of one.
  • WealthyAardvarkWealthyAardvark Registered Users Posts: 7
    Whoops, I forgot to include the most important information.

    v 1.2.3 Build 10837.1733304

    The only mod I have is the 'Respec Character Skills when they join you' (last updated Aug 27 @ 9:44pm) though I can reproduce this with or without that mod being active in the launcher.

    Savegame, etc. in the attached ZIP.
    Cao Cao 193 Harvest 3.35526954221602.18092019.121801 is the one I used in that video ^
    Cao Cao 190 Autumn.35526954221602.27092019.111001 is a new test game to demonstrate this bug. Loading that turn 2 save and passing to turn 4 / Spring 191 will get me a Labour Recruiter. Loading the turn 3 savegame and passing will get me a Wooden Dog.

    Additionally, I noticed that in the video I posted Yuan Shu offers 1654 money on the load from the manual save for the marriage between Yuan Angyang and Cao Ren, but from the autosave he offers 1672. Possibly another angle to track this down from.

    A tiny and hopefully separate bug report. Trying to make a save game file that overwrites an existing save game file with a non-default name fails and instead creates a savegame with the default name and will overwrite that default-named savegame if it already exists.
    i.e. trying to overwrite 'test' will create 'Cao Cao 190 Winter' instead.
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