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Line of Sight and the UI

Blaeys#7037Blaeys#7037 Registered Users Posts: 1,395
One of the biggest issues with this game has always been the near broken state of line of sight, especially when it comes to ranged lords and heroes. Nothing is more nerve wrackingly frustrating than realizing your powerful sniper lord has spent half the fight standing behind a slight rise in the terrain causing the "obstructed" state.

Now, I realize this is a complex technical issue that CA is aware of and continually trying to fix. I applaud those efforts and hope they eventually come up with a solution.

In the meantime, however, they need to do more to let the player know when a unit is obstructed or where they can and cannot fire. First, give us a clear indicator on the UI when a ranged unit has the obstructed state (maybe shade the unit card or put a big x on it). Second, color code the range of fire cone to show the areas where you cannot shoot due to a terrain feature or friendly unit getting in the way. Finally, let units "lock on" to a target, meaning that if they are moved, they will retain the target they currently have focused. I realize these probably require a level of work that I do not fully understand, but if they can do it, it would fix a lot.

I love the Total War games - they are my favorite video games bar none, and Warhammer sits at the top as my favorite in the series - but this is an issue that detracts from the fun of the game and probably keeps players from enjoying lords like Wulfhart or heroes like the dwarf engineer. I really hope they see this and understand the importance of fixing this issue.


  • Reeks#2417Reeks#2417 Registered Users Posts: 10,610
    Agree obstruction is wacky at the best of times, sometimes a group of cavalry standing around a very large single entity monster is enough that a group of handgunners are obstructed, makes no sense considering the horsies only reach the knees of the monster.

    Another one that causes me great annoyance is that the AI will sometimes spread out a unit of infantry thereby causing my cavalry moving across the map towards a enemy ranged unit to stop and fight that single swordsman that got in the way, sometimes my units won´t even fight that lone infantry unit but just stop dead in their tracks.

    Obstruction of artillery is very very weird as well at times, without any hills or valleys that can obstruct a firing projectory artillery still get obstructed while targeting approaching enemies, that one bothers me immensely as i enjoy long range factions the most.

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  • vonfoxfire#8945vonfoxfire#8945 Registered Users Posts: 853
    edited September 2019
    I find this particularly annoying on ranged units with long set up times like Skaven weapon teams.
  • Bogdanov89#9316Bogdanov89#9316 Registered Users Posts: 1,184
    Ye line of sight needs to be more clear and understandable...
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  • Masarius#7206Masarius#7206 Registered Users Posts: 1,450
    I agree.

    The fact that some abilities from range lords/heroes get canceled sometimes makes it even worse.
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