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Serious modding issues.

ratatack906ratatack906 Registered Users Posts: 5
Hey all. New to the forum. Sorry if this is the wrong spot for this but I really need some help here. Since the release of the hunter and the beast I’ve had some serious issues with mods. Anytime u selected a new lord on the campaign start menu, with mods enabled, the game would lock up and crash. I noticed that the main menu art for the new dlc was not present either.

After narrowing it down to a skip intros mod, the initial problems went away. Now, however, when I load up a new campaign, I am greeted by a black screen with the campaign map filter off to the side. I’ve tried disabling more mods but nothing seems to be working.

Didn’t have any problems before the dlc and all the mods I’m attempting to use seem simple enough and are all up to date. I don’t know what else to do. I have verified the game files and reinstalled to no avail, and I am using the base launcher because I never had much luck with Kaedrins. Any help would be appreciated.

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