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Speculation about remaining factions, units and LLs to come in WH2



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    Updated Bretonnia Speculation

    So, the Shadow & the Blade has been announced and is dropping soon. Along with Mr. Darkblade and little sneaky Snikch, the Lord that I was most excited to see among the news was actually Repanse de Lyonesse. Among my Bretonnian predictions, I considered her among the more unlikely because of how sandwiched Lyonesse is in Bretonnia. Thankfully, CA decided to fix that by making her the Errantry Crusader of Araby along with her companion Henri le Massif, but sadly without any new unit additions. But its not a big deal, as her specific units would most likely just have been some new RORs. And now, more importantly, her addition fills up a lord spot and a campaign spot for Bretonnia both, which forces me to change my predictions somewhat.

    Now Repanse's position in Araby straight up eliminates the chances for any further Bretonnian expeditions in Araby, Nehekhara or the Southlands, most likely anyway. This means that my predictions of the Knights of Origo or Pierre d'Antoch goes straight out of the window. And as much as I may hope, like I said before, the placement of Wulfhart, in combination with the probable approaching of WH3 next year, forces me to realize that Marcel d'Parravon's Bregonne is a fading dream. Otherwise, who better for a 2nd Bretonnian lord for the Vortex map eh? No. My predictions for Mousillon and Bastonne are however still in place and still serve as my choices for an addition further in the homeland. But as we get closer to WH3, I've started to think of what possible expedition, if any, Bretonnia could have in the Dark Lands as a 5th or 6th lord spot. Its not easy finding a connection really, but I think I have come across a pretty major character actually, so without further delay, lets galopp into game 3 future.

    (My predictions regarding Mousillon from my last Bretonnia post for contrast)


    Faction Leader: Mallobaude, the Black Knight

    New Units: Black Grail Knights, Grey Men and other thematically "Dark Bretonnia" units + some Vampires and Hero Aucassin of Mousillon or Eustace of the Rusting Blade

    Describtion: What would Optimus Prime Louen Leoncouer be without Megatron Mallobaude, his dark, bastard son? The self-proclaimed Duke of Mousillon and Pretender of Bretonnia. In the lore, he pulls off a civil war and strikes down his father in his dark quest to become Royarch. Aided by disgraced knights and vampires alike, he rumbles around Bretonnia defeating basically everyone. That, until he gets his head noped clean off by the Green Knight at the gates of Couronne. Hubris.

    What Im proposing here is a hybrid Vampire-Bretonnia faction, in the Vampire diplomatic sphere, but has access to Bretonnian units and Lords. It has a specific rivalry system with Couronne, possibly implemented in a modified version of the Imperial Fealty system, only accessable to Couronne and Mousillon to represent the loyalty of the dukes to either Louen or Mallobaude. Alternatively, some modifcation to the Chivalry system where negative chivalry will align with Mallobaude. Its a tricky thing this, but it has so much potential if handled correctly.


    Faction Leader: Bohemond Beastslayer

    New Units: Sons of Bretonnia, Ennar's Outlaws (Archer ROR), Hermit Knights + Hermit Lord & Hero Jasperre le Beau

    Describtion: This is the safe bet to go for if you don't want to suggest radical new changes to the Bretonnia like those that would/should come with Repanse or Mallobaude. Bohemond Beastslayer sits east of Alberic d'Bordeleaux, but not in direct contact with either the Fay or Leoncoeur, Bretonnia's foremost authority figures. Now what would Bastonne bring to Bretonnia? Basically nothing on its own. But if we pair Bastonne in an official DLC with Skaven Clan Moulder or Eshin, an interesting possibility opens up.

    The Black Chasm. This is a giant hole in the ground fairly close to Castle Bastonne, which is home to a species of monsterly frog things called Chasm Spawn. These spawn hop out on occation and go on rampages across Bastonne. Plus, the Black Chasm is also a Skaven stronghold, being fought over by Clan Pestilens and Eshin through the servant Clans Flem and Moulder, respectively. So now, as well as the Massif Orcal, we could have a Skaven fortress like Skavenblight or Hell Pit in the middle of Bretonnia. And it would be up to Bohemond of Bastonne to fight against it.

    Errantry of Garamont

    Faction Leader: Calard d'Garamont

    New Units: Sons of Bretonnnia, Hermit Knights and various ROR

    In short, Calard is one of the greatest heroes Bretonnia has ever seen. Here is just a short section from his lore:
    Now several years into his journey as a Questing Knight, Calard had become a figure of renown. Seeking the Lady’s divine favour, he had bested creatures foul and murderous in the forests of the Empire, championed the oppressed in the burning lands of Araby far to the south, and battled alongside Dwarf thanes against screaming hordes of greenskins far beneath the Worlds Edge Mountains. He had fought and won over a dozen duels of honour, one against a monstrous Ogre Tyrant. He had battled Trolls upon the frozen oblast of Kislev, rescued a nobleman’s daughter from sacrifice at the hands of cultists beneath Altdorf, and emerged victorious from the famed Dance of Blades in the cutthroat city of Sartosa. He had slain hulking monsters in the blizzards of the Northlands, and tracked and killed the dread Jabberslythe of Ostwald. He had been hunted by pallid, blind ogre-kin through the labyrinths beneath the Mountains of Mourn, and emerged triumphant...

    Did you catch that? He's clearly been to the Mountains of Mourn and fought Ogre's and other locals. So this I think puts one of Bretonnia's greatest heroes on a path to become its front face come WH3. A Bretonnian faction, probably adapted for Mountain warfare somewhere in the Mourns. This rounds out Bretonnia to 2 expeditions and 4 homeland factions, either with Mallobaude or Bastonne. Or, unlikely, 3 expeditions and 3 homeland factions if Marcel somehow manages to squeeze in besides Wulfhart.

    What do you think guys?

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