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Defenders of the Great Plan armies should spread out

chocojosuchocojosu Registered Users Posts: 3
Hi, I just thought that it's a bit silly and unefficient if all the armies that I spawn for the Defenders of the Great Plan through Nakai rite are all gathered on the faction capital city... Can you make them move between their cities and try to spread out so that they can defend their territories more efficiently?
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  • PretenderPretender Registered Users Posts: 30
    I think that my suggestion solves some of that, by splitting the defenders into three separate factions with competing agendas.

    You can find more of that suggestion here;

  • ZillionZillion Registered Users Posts: 3
    I'm not sure CA can do that exactly without a major re-writing in their game code. They didn't want Nakai's vassals to be like the Chaos Warriors vassals, because they want the player, playing Nakai to be the "defenders of the plan" armies. And not just be a clone of Chaos. Now.... Possibly setting the Defenders AI for "passive & isolationists" might fix them. They'd build armies and defend their lands, but not venture out to conquer, which many players desire.
    I'd prefer them having armies too, but another idea would would have the Defenders build up their defenses more in major settlements too (have them work towards a 18 defender stack). They never build up their settlements for better defense.
    But I think one of the problems with the "Defenders of the Plan" is that they horde their gold. Nakai can demand they pay him gold, but the ratio sucks. About every 10-15 turns, you can ask for about 2000 gold, when they got 10,000+ gold stored. Is annoying seeing how they wouldn't even exist if it weren't for Nakai.. heh What do the Defenders need huge gold stored for if they never build anything?

    Nakai NEEDS more income seeing how Lizzy's are big bucks to maintain. The combination of lack of funds and high army costs, then tack on a incredible sucking army regen, plus the incredible high costs for Nakai's buildings equals a very,very annoying and frustrating campaign. Many, many turns I had to just sit encamped waiting for my army to get back to health, because Nakai suffers HUGE losses just walking through Norse territory from attrition (another issue needs fixing). Yep I got burnt out on playing Nakai very quickly. I understand challenge and having different campaigns, but also it MUST be fun.

    Having Nakai start off with a hero that gives him army regen would be a great first step in fixing him in my opinion. Nakai can be a very fun campaign with some tweaking I believe.
  • chocojosuchocojosu Registered Users Posts: 3
    Hi guys, while I agree with you both my suggestion is way simpler IMO. Btw, I'm enjoying the campaign, for me it is enough fun and dauting. Zillion, I am able to ask them 10k every 4-5 turns, so I guess I just made them very rich by conquering half Lustria lol. But, I can't help it... it kinda breaks the immersion for me that those army stacks that I spend the points in gather mindlessly on Izzatal instead of patrolling or spreading to their limit regions.

    About your suggestion Pretender, I like the idea of having 3 factions depending on the temple cities... but that would require a lot of work IMO, needs some thinking though, it could lead to some amazing immersion. I also agree that Nakai should be compensated by other Lizardmen factions as the income is very low.
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