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Fire Attacks and Magical Attacks Question

imnrkimnrk Registered Users Posts: 211
Hello. I have a couple of questions regarding fire attacks and magical attacks.

1. Does this attack count as a bonus to or a replacement for physical attacks? For example if I give a character magical attacks would they end up doing less damage to dwarf warriors than before?

2. Do fire attacks have an application outside of doing more damage to targets who are flammable or regenerative? Does it do extra base damage or anything?


  • EnforestEnforest Registered Users Posts: 2,162
    1. Magic attacks turns physical damage into magic. Basically you are correct - if you put a magic sword on a character you will deal less damage to Dwarfs and more damage to Ghosts, Wardancers, Grail Knights, etc... (units which have Physical resistance)
    2. Fire damage does not affect affect damage unless the target is either weak or resistant to fire. Despite having a value in game's code, the number put there doesn't do anything - it is only a "switch" to make it "true" or "false"

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  • SagrandaSagranda Registered Users Posts: 1,659
    Fire works a bit different than Magic Attacks.
    While Magic completely replaces the physical attribute and therefor circumvents Physical Resistance, Fire merely adds "another layer" to the attack, the base attack is still either physical or magical.

    What I mean with this is that if Unit A deals Fire Damage (in this case the base attribute is still physical) and Unit B has a Physical Resistance of 20%, then Unit As damage will be reduced by 20%.
    If it also had a Fire Resistance of 10%, then the reduction of Unit As damage would jump from 20 to 30%.

    If Unit As attack has Magic and Fire in it, then a Unit with a Fire Resistance of 10% and Magic Resistance of 20% will reduce Unit As damage by 30%.
    Disclaimer: What I say is my opinion and not necessarily stated as fact.
  • imnrkimnrk Registered Users Posts: 211
    Ok these answers are exactly what I needed. Thank you for the responses.
  • ChesterMcGirrChesterMcGirr Registered Users Posts: 658
    Enforest and Sagranda have explained things very well - my only addition is that the flaming banner in addition to giving flaming attacks in an aura also gives about 8 or 9 % extra weapon damage in that aura as well :)
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