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Can't Play saved Head To Head games with my friend.

TropicalbluelionTropicalbluelion Registered Users Posts: 3
Hi, when I and my friend start a new multiplayer head to head campaign and go take a break it doesn't allow us to rejoin. It becomes blank and randomizes settings if I click something it crashes. I can't invite my friend and its broken. PLS HELP


  • KonstablettiKonstabletti Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited November 2019

    The thread posted by Devilgeek doesn't have a "solves all issues" solution, but there's some suggested like using beta version (you can set beta version on in Steam settings) and making sure all DLCs not essential for your current campaign (like no dwarf DLCs if you're playing Dark Elves in Vortex campaign) are turned off.

    What caused the issue for me though was that l was connecting through LAN and using two copies of the same account in offline mode. DO NOT THIS! The game seems to track players by name search instead of hashing the names into unique IDs. Two same names will lead to saves being broken.
    What you need to do is get a hold of second Steam account (can be your friend's), download the game and turn on Family Sharing for that account. Now you can start new games with two different player names and the saving/continuing should work properly. Old saves with two identical player names are still broken though.
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