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Total War: Warhammer 40K?

mr_shadesmr_shades Registered Users Posts: 1
I am very new to this community, I have generally played Total War games on my own but have been discussing ideas with some friends and came here to see if this is either a thing, is possible, or if there is a direction to be pointed in.

First of all, I really enjoy the Warhammer variants of the Total War games. As I have gotten a little deeper into 40K lore I couldn't help but to imagine a Total War game in this setting. In place of a singular planet/region with several cities/provinces could be entire planets and systems where a planet essentially acts the same as cities do now and a system could act as an entire province. In place of boats, having space fleets and battles. So many different ideas come to mind.

With this idea I couldn't help but to think, with all of the community members and mods out there has something like this been done or considered?

It seems like it would be a monumental undertaking but is something that I have thought extensively about for quite some time and wanted to see if the community had any direction as to if this has ever been attempted or even deemed possible. Of course, the idea could be implemented as a whole game itself but I have never seen anything that quite scratches this itch.

I guess this would count as either feedback/suggestions and somewhat looking for help to fulfill some hopes and dreams.

Any guidance on this?


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