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Ambush of DOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

SubjectEighteenSubjectEighteen Registered Users Posts: 518
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I'm currently playing a Bordeleaux campaign because old Alby has a soft spot in my heart. I was just successfully ambushed by the crazy engineer himself, Mr. Ikit Claw. He ambushed me in forced march with a full stack and an extra half stack. Between the two armies he had 4 units of Ratling Gunners and his mighty DOOOM rocket.

Not only did the ai actually ambush me from all sides in the forest, rendering my six units of knights near useless until I could get them formed for a charge, he caught my 4 units of Foot Squires and 2 units of peasants and dropped his DOOOOOMMMMM rocket right on top of them, instantly annihilating all six units.

I had no protection for my archers and had to keep them as far from the multitude of clanrats as possible. I did manage to win the fight because Clanrats and Ratling Gunners are no match for Knights of the Realm and old Alby, his trident and a trust paladin but man did I take losses.

I just wanted to share what has easily got to be the most frustrating, but utterly enjoyable experience I've had in a while. Ikit's DOOOOOM rocket is insanely op, and when used effectively, even the ai can inflict massive damage with it. But those fights make for some awesome experiences!

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  • Gerra3295Gerra3295 Registered Users Posts: 57
    So you had fun but you don't want any more of them? I'd say makes total sense.
  • FrostPawFrostPaw Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,114
    Skaven in general are a world of hurt, between their global abilities, ambush on attack, skirmishers, artillery and missile fire they form the single most devastating force.

    Good on you for taking it as a positive experience though, most people just complain.
  • RikRiorikRikRiorik Registered Users Posts: 8,407
    When the AI makes things happen and throws a spanner in the works you can’t really complain because it happens so rarely.
    Lord of the Undermountain and your friendly neighbourhood giant (Dwarf)
    Favourite campaigns: Clan Angrund, Followers of Nagash and the new Huntsmarshall’s Expedition
  • NyumusNyumus Registered Users Posts: 192
    edited October 2019
    One time I was playing Grimgor and was sieging an Clan Skyre settlement, on Legendary, I was using my Rock Lobbers tô Destroy towers, so I kept my Black Orks back into the left corner and in a tight formation tô not get in range of the towers (the good Old cheese tactics), when In suddenly noticed that spell AoE circle, but It was in a yellowish color, I tough: "they changed spells effect área tô yellow instead of the white-blue one?" Without realizing It was a doomrocket.
    Lost 3/4 of my Black Orks and barelly managed to Win that fight. From this on, I know that fighting Clan Skyre can bê a disaster. And I love It.
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