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Warhammer 2 AI Settlement Decision Making

Hammer145Hammer145 Registered Users Posts: 5
Does anyone know the thought process the AI use for settlements in this game? Like I was fighting the VC as Empire, and took something from them. Next turn they come and defeat my army there, but then they razed it. Like, why? It was YOUR settlement. Just reoccupy it. And sometimes the AI will sack things they could occupy(non-hordes). Sure, maybe they need the money, but occupy it in your next turn then. Nope, they leave and go do something else. And sometimes the AI doesn't like to colonize. The Brass Keep got razed like 50 turns ago in my current campaign. Hochland is still alive though, but they never took it back. No one else has claimed it either. And there are mountains that have been razed since even longer. I have treaties with the Dwarves in the SAME province. They never bothered to come here and check out the free real estate. I would just like to know what the AI's reasons for these choices might be.
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