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Suggestions about Optimizations of Attila and Three kindoms and further new total war

shiningtgshiningtg Registered Users Posts: 3
I`ve some suggestions about optimizations.
The first one is below.

Total war Attila have been played as the next to Total war Rome 2 by hardcore users.
But as you know, Attila has too poor optimizations, too lack of lod settings or culling, so if you trained some spearman armies,
and zoom in the armies when they`re in a battle, the fps will be decreased up to about 10 fps.
And leaves of trees don`t be hidden around the camera, or the other optimizations aren`t applied on.
So many ppl than you thought want that,
it`ll be applied optimizations for Attila.
At least, I wish the fxc files converted into shader or technique files.
(.fxc -> .shader or .technique)
I can`t edit .fxc for optimization, to add culling or other else.

And 2nd one is that
getting more optimizations or give users some more graphic options.
I checked the optimizations between Warhammer2 and Three kingdoms,
generally optimizations are more better to Three kingdoms than Warhammer2, but the culling range is more decreased than Warhammer2.

And AO or shadows or light effects, they`re still too heavy, up to even rocks, other unnecessary tiny stuff.

For Warhammer2 or 3, turn time should be shorter than,
Three kingdoms, more wider culling range, as in my opinion.

And there`s a bug at this option, number_of_threads of preferences.script.txt. in Three kingdoms.
0 or the numbers of a physical cpu core is only valid, not to the numbers of the logical cpu threads.

Finally the last one is,
the agent system occures too long turn time as in the mortal empires campaign of warhammer2,
so the agent system of Three kingdoms was good,
but why r you trying to apply the old agent system to Troy from previous total war series than Three kingdoms?
In the aspect of turn time, it`s too heavy, too low performance to just have sights through agents.

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