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Game breaking - "Begin Turn" bug!

fuglefot1fuglefot1 Posts: 13Registered Users
edited October 2019 in Crashes
Build: v 1.7.1
11765.170977 (modded)


Hey! im back!
Instead of the end turn bug which i managed to bypass by myself after many hours poking around the web,i now have a crash when a turn begins...

It happens at turn 61-62 at the very last ai,just before youre round begins,crash to desktop.

Here is :
-mini dump files

Tried going to "%appdata%\The Creative Assembly\Warhammer2\logs" to find the modified.log file,but the only two files that are there are "gfx.log" and "no_clean_exit". So no log file! (yes hidden files are visible). I also didnt find it in the steam folder.

My game is heavily modded (30 mods),but before you start blaming it on mods. The last time when i had my "end turn" crash,it had nothing to do with mods...so starting to get a little **** never being able to finish a game,either its a small new patch which screws all youre mods up (cant turn off auto-update on steam) or it just crashes from game bugs.

I tried a lot of tips from the web, but nothing solved it for me yet:

- Updated Nvidia drivers
- checked files thru steam
- checked for virus and malware
- tried renaming the "%appdata%\The Creative Assembly\Warhammer2\" folder and then moving saves into the new folder.
- a bunch of other stuff...

How to fix?

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