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Qiang Raider cavalry can reach up to 3000 attack rate at level 10

RewanRewan Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 2,507
edited October 2019 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
For some reason their melee_attack_interval_reduction_percentage value in the land_units table is set at 50 which gives them a BASE (at level 1) of 60 melee attack rate (which is the rank 10 value for regular sword plebs). Value then goes exponentially higher as it should with XP levels.

How to reproduce :
- Open the game on the current STABLE build (not Beta, but since I didn't see a change in the patch notes I suppose it wasn't spotted just yet. I will check tomorrow if it's still there however.)
- Load up a custom battle.
- Pick Ma Teng or Ma Chao
- Give some XP to them Qiang Raiders
- ???
- Profit
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