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Suggestion : New detection event for Under-Cities and Pirate Coves

MalalTheRenegadeMalalTheRenegade Registered Users Posts: 392
I always felt that the player has not enough interactions with Under-Cities and Pirate Coves.
The new Empire event asking the player to help an Elector Count by sending him an army gave me an easy-to-implement idea to improve the impact of these hidden lairs on the campaign.

Note : This post assumes that the detection mechanic is expended to and balanced for Pirate Coves.

When an Under-City/Pirate Coves is detected, a 4 decisions event pops ups with the following choices:

1- Send the garrison : The player has to fight the garrison of the under-city with its own garrison. If an army is based in the city, it joins the fight. The size of the garrison depends on the location of the Under-City/Pirate Cove (major or minor settlement). A defeat only means the UC/PC stays (and your garrison/army suffers losses).

2- Hire mercenaries : For a certain amount of gold, the lair is automatically destroyed (this is equivalent to the already implemented way to get rid of an Under-City).

3- Do nothing/Deny the threat : Nothing happens (or public order penalties/bonuses)

4- Accept a bribe : The player earns a certain amount of gold. The corruption (Skaven/Vampiric) increases during X turns.

If the city is not destroyed, the event will pop up again in Y turns.

I think the last two options add flavor to the game (especially if you want to ally with Skavens - which is a bit useless even with DE for the moment - or if you want to roleplay the Empire).

A nice addition to this event would be 4 new maps : Major Under-City/Pirate Cove and minor Under-City/Pirate Cove. These maps could look like siege maps without walls. So a lot of "buildings" forcing the player to split the front line and fight for the streets.

What do you think ?


  • OrderOfTheWhiteWolfOrderOfTheWhiteWolf Registered Users Posts: 145
    edited October 2019
    I like the idea. Although I would add for option 1 that if the garrison is sent and fails then Skaven under city should have the option, if they wish, to counter assault and take over the settlement or sack the city for a food and income boost.

    Perhaps also for the Skaven if they have a nearby army within range they can call upon that army to fight against the attacking garrison as well.
  • AmonkhetAmonkhet Registered Users Posts: 4,521
    edited October 2019
    I wouldn't mind this so much so long as Pirate coves become significantly cheaper to establish. They already cost a lot more than Undercities, but can only have one building. The advantage for that was supposed to be that they are undetectable.
  • MalalTheRenegadeMalalTheRenegade Registered Users Posts: 392
    Thanks for the feedback !

    @OrderOfTheWhiteWolf I had the same idea but it could be too punitive for the player. Besides, the fact that the garrison becomes weak already make the city vulnerable to invasion.

    @Amonkhet Absolutely ! That's why I said this mechanic needs to be balanced for Pirate Coves. A way to do this would be to reduce the cost and the cooldown when you establish a cove with a hero.
    Btw, I think there is not need to be afraid that the AI will destroy all your coves, it already has difficulties to discover under-cities so it would be the same.
  • CrossilCrossil Registered Users Posts: 10,724
    MMmmm. I'd like it from the other side as well. Where, for instance, an event causes complications in the Undercity/Cove, forcing you to either weaken its effectiveness or increase discoverability.


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