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Mod conflicting with Vortex ritual mechanic and AI

John_KimbleJohn_Kimble Registered Users Posts: 574
Hey all.
Im having a hard time trying to figure out which mod of mine is conflicting with the Rituals. Basically, what happens is that its not just me carrying the rituals out, but the AI of my same faction as well.
So for example, playing as Lothern but also Teclis is carrying out the rituals. He's generally faster, so finishes the phases before me and "locks me out" of that ritual.
If Teclis gets whiped out, then Avelorn starts, regardless of me.

I have a lenghty list of mods, but its one i've been using for a long time and there isn't really any specific one which i can think of, that could conflict with Vortex.
I tried disabling the Recruit Defeated Legendary Lords, thinking it could be this one since it tweaks around confederations and such, but the bug persists.

Hoping someone here has encountered the very same problem and could help me out with a quick answer.
Thanks !

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