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New Shogun 2 dlc or maybe completly new game

ArturiosArturios Registered Users Posts: 2
so I have been think on this a lot and I thought that it would be cool to have either a dlc or a whole new game where you can plan as any number of Kingdoms/Clans/factions dealing with Korea, Japan, and China during the era around the Samurai. I saw somewher that their is history about something like this but to have a game or dlc about it would be great. if not for shogun 2 then maybe Three Kingdoms. kind of like how there is Medival 2, and then it has its 3 other Campaigns including the Crusades. so maybe something like that. where you have 1-2 "kingdom/factions" for the Samurai, then the same for China, and Korea. I feel it be interesting to see probably some naval warfare since the Samurai have to cross the sea to invade and same for the Chinese and Koreans. but that's just me


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