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Empire Campaign Feedback!!

Jedidias1Jedidias1 Registered Users Posts: 138

I love the new mechanics in the Empire campaign!!! But the fact that Norsca and the Vampire Counts and Skarnik, and the vampire on the mountain near Bretonnia are so passive now, it makes my Empire campaign boring and less challenging! They need to balance a little bit more empire opponents, right now others empires provinces are taking care of the vampires by themselves without need of me helping them and the norscans are not a real treat. (they used to raid more and be more aggressive)
I am playing without mods and in normal difficulty, (I know I said normal difficulty) but It used to be more movement in my empire's campaign some patches ago in the same difficulty!!! Also, it does not help that the chaos invasion is not that epic like it used to be in Warhammer 1.
As I said, I really like the new empire's mechanics and the Empire faction overall, it just need to be a little more challenging!

How you devs get to see this feedback and have it in account for new balance in the future!
Thank you for your work.


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