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Vsync enabled as starting value for coming total war games

Aventus_MaximusAventus_Maximus Registered Users Posts: 352
With the ever increasing speeds and strength of our powerhouses we love and use to enjoy our most favorite game series on i think CA as a company would be justified to enable v-sync in their coming titles. I'm not sure if AMD or INTEL counterparts are called the same but I am sure about the impact such a decision would lead too. For example if the game is set to ' high ' without v-sync frame rates as high as 175 frames per second are more then normal. With a preferred setting of 60 FPS i'm sure you can imagine the impact of almost thrice as much frames has on the device. The enormous amount of frames calculated is like a waterfall running through your machine increasing power usage and heat production in copious amounts. This compared to the joyful mountain stream with clear bright water and almost extinct animal species 60 FPS delivers onto the system would only lead a madman to say something such as " Gee we really show some foresight if we ship or program to the world set like this ". With around 20% of the player base sensitive to electrical pressure and an overal world running into a ravine it seems more then to take sense by enabling v-sync as one the smaller gestures needed to ensure this world to be a living and breathing testament to our children!

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