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Installation of Rome II crashes at Steam update

walter_c_smith65walter_c_smith65 Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi all,

just got the case, inserted DVD into my notebook. But everytime it´s just goes until some point where Steam seems to want an online update but stating:
"Steam needs to be online to update. Please confirm your network connection and try again."
Tried it via WiFi, LAN with anit-virus and firewall activated and deactivated ... doesn´t work.

Any help known to somebody? Or is this just another screwed up game? Sorry I´m really f...d up and Attila in additon bought with it will go back to Amazon immediately.

Tuesday I´m leaving here and just to have something "nice" to play on my notebook, so not much time to run installation smoothly again ... seems it all is now screwed up.

Hope to hear from someone

Walter C.


  • Aventus_MaximusAventus_Maximus Registered Users Posts: 419
    If you played Rome II before on your steam account you can also try downloading the game from steam.
    I have the original DvD too ( god how i wish i could install that game, maybe i'll launch a question ) and haven't tried using that one in ages.
    What you could also try is run steam independent from Rome II first and see if it needs updates.
    another explanation could be that the 2 versions are so different ( steam ) that the program does not recognize the most modern version creating this problem for you.
    If the latter case won't work i guess you can use a refund and try and use that money to purchase the game through steam. I have to warn you though…. My version, the current version of Rome II works like a piece of ships… can't scroll the campaign map without any form of lag not to mention all those new updates the've added. Warhammer 2 and 3 kingdoms, or maybe even medieval 2 and shogun 2 are in my opinion way better choices

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