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Best Roleplay Experiences

GoldfishLordGoldfishLord Registered Users Posts: 169
Alright, let's take a break from the speculation for a sec and share some of our more satisfying roleplay successes.

I recently finished my first Morathi Vortex campaign, and I rather enjoyed confederating all other DE factions (except Lokhir) but only invaded Ulthuan with Malekith and a couple generic lords while Morathi focused on the higher machinations of politics and the Vortex. It actually all tied in perfectly with the final cutscene.


  • BaronRodneyBaronRodney Registered Users Posts: 816
    That sounds like a great campaign! I love the idea of playing Morathi and Malekith in character but within the same faction; the scheming over who gets the resources!

    When the Hunter and the Beast dropped I played a Franz ME campaign and for all its niggling little faults the new elector counts system was one of the most satisfying ways to play a campaign on this game. I've wanted this since the first game released. Unifying the provinces and constantly shifting my time and manpower between my own goals and trying to defend other elector counts' borders for them was very challenging.

    The most fun came from the personality that your lords seem to take up when they become electors. The runefangs and special units just make it possible to be totally thematic with each region, I loved that. Invading Sylvannia with Franz, the Arch Lector and the plucky Elector Count of Talebecland, with his all cavalry army. While the Nuln army moved around the empire distributing artillery support to whichever course was the closest, meanwhile the Elector Count of Ostland, a Huntsmaster with his army of Hunters, was desperate for revenge against Wulfrik for killing his father, the first Elector Count of Ostland a dozen turns earlier.

    Taking Castle Drakenhof with Franz, seeing off a large army of Greenskins with the Nuln gunnery crews in Reikland and finally killing the elusive Wulfrik with the Ostland elector's bow was one of the most satisfying ends to a campaign i've ever had. It all happened within 10 turns as well. Very good fun!
  • GoldfishLordGoldfishLord Registered Users Posts: 169
    Hey, thanks for the enthusiasm! I'm looking forward to an Empire ME campaign but I'm waiting for some tweaks that hopefully will come in the QoL update. Another satisfying campaign was with Vlad von Carstein, but I really wish that something happened when he takes Altdorf. The idea of the (relatively) benevolent vampire overlord is really cool in my opinion
  • BaronRodneyBaronRodney Registered Users Posts: 816
    Agreed. I think that had Vlad been released now there would have been some kind of mechanic for him when he takes Altdorf. It honestly wouldn't need much, just a sort of way to easily vassalise the empire factions and then try and hold an empire together. Should the vassals, inevitably, break away from you then lead your undead hordes over there, smash their armies, kill their leader and replace him with a loyal underling with long teeth and a sun-allergy.

    I imagine this is how it would have had to go for Vlad in the lore if he took the Empire by force.
  • GoldfishLordGoldfishLord Registered Users Posts: 169
    Yeah the Vampires and the Dark Elves are the most GoT-like factions. I generally favor "good guy" characters but I'm finding that I really enjoy classically evil characters with a touch of nobility, like Vlad treating his vassals and underlings moderately well and genuinely wishing to lead the Empire rather than destroying it, and Morathi trying to empower her son even though he doesn't want/need her to.

    I'm hoping to hear about an Ungrim campaign somebody's had in which he gets killed in a climactic battle even though his army wins. I'm saving Ungrim for the mega campaign in W3.
  • ArneSoArneSo Registered Users Posts: 6,437
    edited October 2019
    My last Vlad von Carstein Campaign:

    He’s in my opinion the best warhammer character.
    He isnoble, charismatic and cares for the people around him. He loves his wife more than everything else and wants to become emperor to protect its people against the horrors of chaos.
    A horrific monster from the outside but a noble man by heart.

    1. Securing the Empire
    That was exactly how I played him. Conquering the empire not because he is power hungry but to protect its people. Vlad with Isabella at his side would be the best chance for the realms of men to survive against the horrors of the chaos realm.

    2. Rebuilding Kislev
    After he united the empire Vlad realised that the whole old world would be a better place under the rule of one noble, kindhearted and immortal Emperor. So the next step was to secure all realms of Men and protect its people.
    Vlad rebuild the destroyed Kislevite Cities and managed to wipe out all marauding chaos bands. He restored the ancient shine of the mighty City of Kislev and made Erengrad to the greatest Trade port in the old world. Goods from far places like Nehekara or Lustria found their way into the Empire and even exotic Lizardmen where seen in the streets near the harbour.
    A multiracial City where vampires, humans, Dwarfs and elves lived next to each other in peace and harmony.

    3. Freeing Bretonias peasants
    In Vlads eye all human are equal so his next step was to free all repressed people carving a miserable existence in Bretonia. A land ruled by a small group of cruel nobles, that know nothing but hate for the normal hard working folks. These lands of the lady should become part of Vlads new empire where all men are free and safe. His patrolling undead legions managed to secure the wild harsh lands of the old world for raiding Beastman and Greenskins.

    4. Ending the elvish civil war
    But the old World was not enough. The world of men was safe now, but Ulthuan was still stucked in an endless war against their brothers the Druchii. Vlad managed to unite all humans in one peaceful empire. The strongest empire in the world. All that was possible under the kind but watchful eye of the Vampires.
    If he managed to unite all humans he should also be able to unite all elves and end their destructive civil war.
    A world without war. A world where all races live free and in peace. From the frozen coasts of Naggaroth to the world edge mountains. A free world ruled by the greatest of all Vampires with Isabella at his side.


    Was super fun to play Vlad like that.

    Vlad von Carstein - the rightful Emperor of all men, The Guardian of the Old World, The destroyer of Chaos, Rebuilder of Kislev, The Breaker of Chains, the Uniter of all Elves, The Immortal, The true Phoenix King.

    In the end I imagined that his personality went a little bit similar like Daenerys Targaryen in GoT.
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  • CanuoveaCanuovea Registered Users, Moderators Posts: 13,846
    I had this one army I confederated, a dude with more dragons than I normally like but not too too many, hold off a whole chunk of the spawned ritual army on his own. Took out five armies in total I think. I gave him some nice fancy Dragon themed armour and items.

    I once sent Mannfred up North to guard against Chaos. I didn't even attack the Empire if I could help it. Made friends. Mannfred sat up there, freezing his bald head off, muttering "I am the watcher on the walls..." like a crazed Game of Thrones fan. Once Chaos was defeated I simply stopped the campaign.

    I usually play nice. I don't care too much for confederation, for the most part, so I often find I play tall and send my armies out and about to support others. Having some High Elves show up in the middle of the Empire to start murdering undead and Chaos is great fun.

    And then there was this one time I played Cataph's Southern Realms mod as Lupio Sunscryer... and it resulted in this frightening wall of text:


    Now don't comment as it is rather old. No need to go all Nagashy with it with the Necromancy. But it was one of my more enjoyable roleplay moments.
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