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"Rome: Total War failed to find DirectX 9"

KezzerKezzer Registered Users Posts: 2
Hi there!

This is my first post in this forum and, ordinarily, I wouldn't join a forum to get help on just one problem.
Usually, enough hunting around the web leads me to a solution, but this time I'm really stumped!

Any help you can offer is much appreciated! :)

So, the issue:
Recently, I've been playing Rome: Total War on a perfectly capable Laptop, with Windows 10 installed.
I've been playing for the better part of a year, but took a little break from gaming, a few weeks ago, so I haven't launched the game in a while.

Now, when I try to launch the game, I get a pop-up box telling me:
"Rome: Total War failed to find DirectX 9, which is required for the game to run. Please reinstall DirectX"

I should mention a few things before I finish this post (cry for help?) that may be of some use.
Firstly, I am running Windows 10, as a mentioned previously, and as such have DirectX 12 installed.
Secondly, RTW isn't the only game that has bit the dust, recently.
A few other games that I've been playing, that worked perfectly before, have now thrown up similar faults, but with different error messages, which I will post, if needed.

That's it!
Hopefully, some people more knowledgeable than me can help sort this problem.

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