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Any mod to reliably confederate as Vampire Coast?

furtissimfurtissim Registered Users Posts: 217
I love to confederate all LL in my race before they get to the lvl required for their missions (so that I can do them myself). Role playing, immersion, and all that...

I have hardly played VCoast because I hate the fact they can't confederate in vanilla, and I don't like to use heavy modding because it feels like I'm cheating. I'm willing to try now though... I've seen some mods that allow for VCoast confed (for example, Dresden's: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1163869410), but there's many reported problems when using such mods. Particularly not gaining experience for confederated lords (I think that's fixed now), unable to launch or continue legendary quests (which would kill my RP experience), not being able to build unique landmarks on each ship (which would also suck), etc.

Could someone tell me if this mod (Dresden's Diplomatic Options - Confederate) is free from all these problems, or whether there's any other mod out there which would work to this end?



  • furtissimfurtissim Registered Users Posts: 217
    Thank you so much! I never thought of that one :)
  • furtissimfurtissim Registered Users Posts: 217
    I was thinking of starting a ME campaign as Cylostra (so that I can build the landmark in Lothern; I believe hers is the only "VCoast faction" who can build it) and then confederate Luthor Harkon once his faction is defeated. If you've used this mod maybe you can help me on the following:

    Once I confederate Luthor,

    (1) will he have all Lore of Deep spells already unlocked just like when he is controled by the AI?

    (2) or will he never be able to gain access to the Lore of Deep because he won't be able to do the "quest to restore his mind". I believe this quest, which unlocks the spells for him, are unique to his faction (original/actual VCoast). Please note: don't confuse the quest to restore his mind with the quest for his unique legendary item (Slan Gold).

    (3) or will I receive a quest to restore his mind (I think that pops for Luthor about turn 5 when you play as his faction) even though I'd be playing as the Drowned faction and not VCoast.
  • furtissimfurtissim Registered Users Posts: 217
    For anyone interested I can confirm RDLL mod lets you indeed confederate with defeated LLs, but their legendary quest chains will get botched. I even used it on an Empire (as Gelt) ME run and it gave me Gelt's first item at level 5 for no reason xD
  • Kaneanite420Kaneanite420 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Having just finished a VC while using RDLL, I had to do a fair amount of testing to get the same answers as you. What I can conclude is that you need to use Harkon as your main legendary lord, for him to get the quest for his restored mind. You won't get it, if you recruit him playing as another LL. You can however still build the landmark in Lothern, even though you don't play The Drowned. It's a fun experience to defeat them all and have a united VC in ME.

    Also, if you play with the "instant quest items" mod, you need to disable it, as it will bug Luthors slann gold/restored mind quest.

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