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About sepulchral stalkers and necropolis knights

ReymReym Registered Users Posts: 551
Necropolis knights halberd and sepulchral stalkers suffer from problems that make them almost cosmetic is this roster as well as fighting for the same role.

Stalkers are too slow and can’t chase the large targets they need to kill. Fire on the move would be great and a quite original as you would be able to poison what you are chasing.
Because no one is a moron and will suicide its large into treekins with halberd (sepulchral stalkers) they will simply get ignored which is why stalk would be nice. Also those guys got an awful trade vs chaff.

So the TK player has to look after something else, either very expensive kaijus or necropolis knights with halberd. Necro knights with halberd wont trade as well as stalkers but at least they will catch the target allowing you to bring support.
Add to this that necroknights with halberds aren’t good in aggressive setups as they are too easy to kill with range stuff and they don’t trade well into other cav. In fact all of this combined make nehekhara horsemen better in every case as you can get more of them (map control) and for the same cost of necroknights you will got a better trade into heavy cav as you will be able to rear charge with one of them and then put you tomb king to terrify for exemple.
There is also something off with their charge (both necroknights) which make them doing very little on the contact unlike other cav (so it’s better to take one ushabti and its chaff to kill infantry in almost all scenarios).
To me the first thing to look at for this unit is its charge (probably their animation on contact).

So basically what we got currently is the weird situation where:
Necroknights halberds are your sepulchral stalkers in defensive setups.
Nehekhara cav are your necroknights (both variants) in offensive setups.
But is talking about what is appropriate to talk about in this thread appropriate to be talked about in this thread ?


  • Disposable HeroDisposable Hero Registered Users Posts: 4,391
    Pretty much. I agree stalkers need some help. Knight's halberd I think are rather OK in bowshapti builds so I don't think there is much room to buff them....
  • SeldkamSeldkam Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 4,342
    Problem vs chaff is animations, as usual. They love to charge in very deep and at that point anything with a modicum of combat ability will seriously damage them. This is both stalkers and necro knights
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  • OrkLadsOrkLads Registered Users Posts: 1,857
    The best suggestions I have seen for Sepulchral Stalkers have been:

    1. Give them stalk and give the RoR unspottable (or some other perk).
    2. Tighten the spread of their poison shots so that it will reliably hit.
    3. More ammunition for poison shots.
    4. Allow fire whilst moving so they can chase stuff down if it comes into range of them.

    It could also be some combination of the above, for instance if they all had stalk and a tigher missile calibration area, you could have them stalked and ready for enemy cav to come in, if the cav chooses to complete the charge on seeing the stalkers, they could take advantage of their CDvLarge, otherwise you can do some okay damage with your poison shots.
  • WitchbladeWitchblade Registered Users Posts: 544
    The charge animations seem really disadvantageous indeed and the stalker missiles often seem to do next to zero damage, way less than their damage stats would suggest.
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