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Request Fort Encampment Battles to be re-worked

agenthunkagenthunk Registered Users Posts: 101
edited October 2019 in Gameplay Issues
an Example would be one full stack army in fortify stance on a hill terrain with a second behind it also in fortify stance to provide reinforcements to be able to be closer to my rear position rather than farther away....in every single battle no matter the location and terrain....on the map....

I also noticed that the enemy is coming from 3 different or two different locations on the battle map rather than from the expected front like on the game map.... and my reinforcements are either on wrong location of the battle map rather than right behind my position close to rush up in time for defenses....

I don't the fact that the enemy is rushing too fast in order for me to prepare defensive positions and coming from different locations than what I expect from the main game map.I would like the enemy to move more slower in battles like this...All this rushing makes me feel unhappy.
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