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Known IssueAll Wood Elf saves crash to desktop (documents included)

stimulistimuli Registered Users Posts: 1
edited November 2019 in Crashes
All my Wood Elf campaign saves crash to desktop at around 15-20% of the loading bar. This includes manual saves, the quick save and the auto save from that Wood Elf campaign. All saves for other races load correctly. The background game sound during loading goes silent for 2-3 seconds and then returns right before the crash.

- All saves that CTD are from July 29 - August 2 of 2019. They were not crashing when loaded during that time period. They all began crashing when I tried loading them on Sept 29 2019. The most recent save file is attached (attaching 27 saves seemed excessive)
- No mods have ever been installed
- Version of game being run is v1.7.2 12104.1770049

The Wood Elves may be my favorite race so far so I'd really like to be able to open that campaign again :(
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