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(BUG) Increasing zeal does not increase weapon damage (Wrath of Sparta)

EasternRoman5EasternRoman5 Registered Users Posts: 67
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I noticed that in the Wrath of Sparta DLC there is (possibly) a bug that generals with zeal more than 3 (the basis) get no increase in their bodyguard's weapon damage. I notice this happening to all factions of this DLC and surprisingly I noticed this happening with Roman factions in the Imperator Augustus DLC (which has many other bugs too). As you all know weapon damage always increases when increasing zeal of generals in Grand Campaign and all the rest DLC's. It works for Armenia in Imperator Augustus surprisingly as I tested, but for no faction in WoS.

In my opinion the increased weapon damage of high zeal generals is a great reward after all their campaign experience they get. I would like to find a fix for this unless we have confirmed information that the developers deliberately deactivated the increase of weapon damage for some gameplay reason.

I have no information on whether the defense against agents works as stated.

EDIT: Sadly I found out the bug affects Rome in Ceasar in Gaul too. All other factions of CiG work perfectly.
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  • EasternRoman5EasternRoman5 Registered Users Posts: 67
    I attach some screenshots to show you a few examples of generals with high zeal but no weapon damage bonus.
    I checked the general's aura in battle too but I couldn't come to a conclusion but seems like neither general's aura gets bigger when raising authority of the general.

    As I wrote above, the bug affects all factions of Wrath of Sparta and the Roman factions of Imperator Augustus (unless they are admirals). Grand Campaign works perfectly fine for me. All DLCs work too afaik.

    I wonder if you guys can verify/reproduce these bugs. I also wonder if we can fix this ourselves with a mod. I am willing to try but I can't find what may be wrong in the files
  • elfranzelfranz Registered Users Posts: 3
    I checked the campaigns that you mentioned and your right, no bonus weapon damage is applied. It gets even worse. A higher value of authority should give the general a larger leadership aura. I started an Empire Devided campaign and fought a few battles with aurelian and raised his authority value to the point where it should give me +20% aura size. In battle the aura size remained unchanged... Seems to me that none of the bonuses are applied. I've only checked this for the ED campaign.
  • EasternRoman5EasternRoman5 Registered Users Posts: 67
    edited December 2019
    Yes Empire Divided, Wrath of Sparta, Caesar in Gaul and Imperator Augustus are all affected. I just checked about the aura too in WoS. I got a general's authority down to 1 (bad traits) and then played a battle with him reinforced by a high authority general. I brought the two bodyguard units close and checked the auras. They were the same.... even though authority=1 means -50% to the area of influence!
  • EasternRoman5EasternRoman5 Registered Users Posts: 67
    edited December 2019
    If anyone is interested the solution lies in the data_rome2.pack/db/unit_set_to_unit_junctions. Every bodyguard unit must be there, with its "unit_set" value set at "bodyguard_units_generals" if the unit is land unit or "bodyguard_units_admiral" if it is naval, in order to receive bonuses from authority, cunning and zeal. Seems like the developers omitted some bodyguard units from this table, that's why the bonuses don't work to them. It is probably not intended since Empire Divided bodyguards have a wrong value it seems but if set to the correct value they work.
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