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More options in future games please?

WestwoodWestwood Registered Users Posts: 6
Could we include more ways to play the game besides the sliders, please?

Total War campaigns can last a long time, that's awesome of course! But, the problem is that they are reducing the number of options you have. For example, we can no longer give AI control of our army when the battle starts (Warhammer 1-2). I used to do that often in Rome 2 because I no longer feel the need to constantly micro during campaign battles (been playing TW for ages). Even though I would sometimes lose a lot of units unnecessarily, I would still be able to enjoy watching them battle after I pick whatever I want for my army.

Maybe you like giving control to the AI as well, maybe you don't, that is not the point. The point is that the campaign is a single-player game, and nobody loses anything with more options.

Is it so bad for CA to give us more options? How about picking the best bonuses for AI during the campaign, but still keep the option to pause the game during a battle? Let's just say that we separate that, let's say we have the Legendary difficulty but next to it a "Hardcore" checkbox which further makes the game more challenging, which would also include the restriction on pause or saving.

So, just think about that. I'm not speaking about anything impossible for them or way too hard to make. I know there is almost no chance to speak to the devs but I've even tried to email them before and speak about stuff like this.

Making games today is just thinking of how pretty it is and how much money you can make with DLC or microtransactions? How about keeping all those money milking methods but at least think about player fun more, especially before starting the Grand Campaign. We all have our personal preferences while playing any game but at least you lower the frustration and increase levels of fun for all if you leave more options before starting. There are so many ways to make the game difficult or fun, but having just one slider in a game that earns them so much money is mind-blowing.

Such a huge game and you have one slider to play with, those that like to go max difficulty will put everything on the hardest so it doesn't make any difference for them nor are they hurt with more options, you only win. Even with something simple as separating Legendary and pause orders during battles will make a huge difference to the quality of life for many players.

I want to give the AI as many bonuses as possible in the campaign map, but ONLY that. They could at least separate it completely. Currently, we can adjust the campaign difficulty to Legendary and Battle to Very hard. So how about this, add a Legendary mode to Battle as well, so we can play double Legendary and the one that changes battle is the one that adds the "no pause during combat".


  • Aram_theheadAram_thehead Registered Users Posts: 999
    The "no pause during combat" checkbox is already in the game.

    I would prefer to have less options if that meant not having micro-transactions in the game honestly. I'm fine with DLCs, I think they're worth their cost.
  • TheGuardianOfMetalTheGuardianOfMetal Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 11,142
    also: restrictions on pausing and saving... which is already in legend difficulty included:
    No manual saving (only at End Turn)
    No unit commanding while pausing.

    no pausing at all is... problematic... imagine you have to go to the door and then loose because you couldn't pause during battle...

    if you say: "you can Press escape for the menu, that pauses too!" Then "No pause" is already redundant.
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