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bug when choosing difficulty level in multiplayer campaign

punic_soldierpunic_soldier Registered Users Posts: 133
edited November 2019 in Multiplayer Bugs
today i started my first multiplayer campaign with another user.
in options we both chose hard difficulty and we began the campaign,iam very surprised that my battles had more troops with which to fight in the garrisons and the other player there were few.
also the casualties suffered by the opponent were almost none.
then we saved the game and checked in options that i had the difficulty level that i chose hard and the other player had the easy level.
he is a player with whom i have played many multiplayer campaigns to other total war games and i know him.
he says he chose hard difficulty level, I also saw that we had the same difficulty level before starting the campaign.
It may be a bug and if so it is quite important to be corrected in an urgent patch, since you cannot play multiplayer campaigns with different levels of difficulty because it gives an advantage to the other player.
CA can check this and fix it, thanks.
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