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15+ Minute Hangups and Permanent Freezes During Campaign

eyesikeyesik Posts: 1Registered Users
Any time I play campaign for more than an hour my computer will completely freeze when I select anything; be it end turn, attempting to attack, opening diplomacy, selecting a hero, etc.
This occurred during my first ~100hrs with the game and then stopped. It has resurfaced about 370 hours in (I am currently around 440 total hours). Since this started happening again I have replaced my GPU, CPU, purchased a new SSD and installed the game on it, and replaced as well as bought more RAM. I have reinstalled steam, verified the game files, disabled the steam overlay, and have done literally everything I can find on the forum (both rolling back and updating drivers, reinstalling the game.. literally everything I can find) to remedy this issue and it still persists. At this point I am at a complete loss. Usually if I try to restart my computer during a hangup steam will freeze on reboot and most programs will run very slowly and experience their own hangups. Can someone please help me? This is by far my most played game and I LOVE it, but it gets so. damn. frustrating. when I'm spending more time waiting for the game to unfreeze or waiting for my computer to reboot than I am playing the game. I have invested so much time and money into this and I am at a total loss. Also, this is the only program this happens with. I have since tried other games (BF1, Witcher 3, Red Orchestra, many roguelikes, Mechwarrior) and have played extensively with no issues. I love Warhammer Fantasy lore. I love the community. I just want to play this game; I'm desperate at this point.

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