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Can the Acer 5 nitro intel core i5 and geforce 1050 ti 4gb run shogun 2 ?

Turk_in_disquiseTurk_in_disquise Posts: 8Registered Users
I was gonna buy I new gaming laptop and I was wondering if the Acer 5 nitro intel core i5 and geforce 1050 ti 4gb run shogun 2 ?


  • Aventus_MaximusAventus_Maximus Posts: 230Registered Users
    I'm not sure about that i5 but yea a 1050Ti will run shogun 2 without doubt on almost the highest settings.
    don't forget to apply a different shader so all the graphical goodies will unlock!
    next time don't forget to share which generation i5 you are talking about!
    oh and i'm almost certain shogun 2 will run on your device since i ran the game without any trouble on a first generation i7. This is a cpu released in 2008 so you understand system requirements are not that high for older total war games. you can probably run games up untill atilla, brittania too but you will come in trouble with warhammer 2 and their latest title 3 kingdoms though of course on lower resolution scales they probably will run

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  • Turk_in_disquiseTurk_in_disquise Posts: 8Registered Users
    Alright thankyou and I think it's a 8th generation processor
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