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The Last Roman Kingdom of Rome Legendary

agenthunkagenthunk Registered Users Posts: 86
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it is 543 A.D. January and the plague of Justinian has passed and This is the best I could do for the Legendary Campaign.
I had to do 47 restarts from the beginning in order to get a good start with the mission Objectives and was able to get sicily before the moors came and hold and then follow up to almost take ravenna in time of the third chapter...now the 4th chapter is looking good.

many of the buildings are still level 2and some I began already upgrading to level 3.from first chapter to foruth you have to compensate by finding trade partners to make extra cash and then have two armies until you have most of southern half of italy then 3 to 4 armies and then the bid pause......

Justinian plague....and then recuperate and then push on ever slowly....

if you think it is easier,think again....

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