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Campaign balancing- Archanon player wound only.

Raul77Raul77 Registered Users Posts: 29
Have noticed the situation in campaign is getting pretty bad in context to Archanon being defeated by non player factions.

Have seen a recent normal campaign a mate played where Felix and gotrek joined kraka drak and beat Archanon and another where the new dlc empire Stomped Archanon turn 148 oh hard. Both times my mate was trying to defeat chaos but couldn't get there quick enough.

Hopefully a player only wound update will fix this?


  • turrehundturrehund Registered Users Posts: 222
    As in, only a player wounding Archaon will end the Chaos invasion? How would this work? Will Archaon be immortal when facing non-player armies and curbstomp everything, or will Archaon just keep respawning until the player manages to kill him? Because both options seem a bit iffy. I'd hate to wait around for Archaon to finally respawn and hopefully not /kamikaze into the nearest AI doom stack, and it'd be equally weird to see Archaon and a unit of chaos warhounds raze the entire Old World by their lonesome.
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