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General measurements

Aventus_MaximusAventus_Maximus Registered Users Posts: 352
Are figures taken from the game in terms of playing time, race, achievements and that sort of thing?

a question, i guess i have for at least the last 6 years in my head when confronted with several weird achievements and percentages reached by players.
for the people who have no clue what i'm talking about. Games purchased on steam come accompanied with an achievement system where different ingame actions can lead to certain achievements unlocked. I'm not sure where this originated from, but all in all it is nice to know you have killed, by accident, 500 infantry dudes with a lord or something else. Now on steam you can also view those achievements and you can see how many people that own the game have obtained that particular achievement.
Total War seems to have a solid playerbase where even the easy achievements, the ones you obtain at the start of a game seem to be most of the time in the hands of 60 to 80 % of the playerbase.... Loads of people never seem to come online and of course there are others who are just collectors or support a developer in such a way.
There are literally millions of other games that fair way less with only 30 to 50% of their customers in possession of those first game start achievements.

That next the obvious fact that steam won't register ofline hours makes me as an honest customer and connoiseur of wargaming a bit affraid that the focus lies, not always, on the right parts that are liked by everyone.
with that streaming rage that will be upon us any minute it seems that it becomes that more important, for a developer to know his crowd.
The saying it sells so it must be good will be out of application before you know it

Therefore i was hoping to find an answer here along the lines of " yes dear Aventi, we have in our posession atleast the playing hours on and oflline from 80 to 90% of our playerbase "


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