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Can a athlon x4 950 / GTX 1050ti gaming pc run any total war on atleast high settings smoothly

Turk_in_disquiseTurk_in_disquise Registered Users Posts: 8
I was wondering if ^^ could run most total war games


  • Aventus_MaximusAventus_Maximus Registered Users Posts: 352
    edited November 2019

    I never heard of that CPU but my safe bet would be that all the older total war titles up too Rome II would run like a charm.

    For the comparison i used the CPU i'm currently using from which i know it runs all total war games available at this time, on high settings that is though i have the ryzen 5 2600 coupled with a Nvidia RTX 2060Super atm.
    Last year i used a 1050Ti to even play total war warhammer and that was on a 2011 cpu a xeon x5650 … but that was a server cpu that costed over a 1000 euro's at launch so… maybe even total war warhammer 2 would perform for you but i'm not entirely sure since the X4 well modern is just a cheap piece of **** compared to a xeon but of course this is a game we are talking about, i guess if you couple it with 16 gigs of ram you will be okay

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  • psychoakpsychoak Registered Users Posts: 2,897
    The Athlon X4 are ****. They're an old 28nm garbage processor design, they were **** when they came out, they're really **** now. Rome II would run terribly on one, the 2200G idea is vastly better than this one.
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