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Buridan's Melee Foot Lord

Ephraim_DaltonEphraim_Dalton Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 23,937
Among the many weaknesses of melee lords on foot is this phenomenon, the foot lord engages a regiment and then between strikes takes quite lengthy breaks where he just turns around several times as if he can't decide where to strike next which of course lowers effective DPS quite a bit and considering melee foot lords only generate value when they hit things, it's one more thing that makes them bad picks most of the time since it allows even low tier infantry to occupy them for way too long.

Needs a fix ASAP.

In case someone doesn't know the reference, Buridan's A S S ( the animal ) refers to a donkey that starves because he can't decide from which of two equally high piles of hay to start eating first.


  • tzurugbytzurugby Registered Users Posts: 275
    I have definitely seen this happen before. Love the name btw!!!!!
  • Loupi_Loupi_ Registered Users Posts: 1,628
    It's not only melee foot lords, monstrous lords like Orion do this all the time, also many SE monsters also do this.
  • Ephraim_DaltonEphraim_Dalton Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 23,937
    edited November 2019
    Some monsters have it too (funnily enough, mostly the ones that don't have those hyper-abusive long range lunge animations) but it's way more detrimental for melee foot lords since it's combined with anyother quirk, their attacks often carry them often quite a bit forward and then they end up standing inside an enemy regiment which they lack the mass to get out off and then the Buridan issue becomes really apparent because they seem to have a hard time deciding which of the dozen guys attacking them to attack back.

    CA really effed up when they didn't include embedding for characters which would have neatly prevented these issues from being so detrimental in the first place.

  • ReymReym Registered Users Posts: 551
    It's a behaviour that can affect every unit of the game once in melee (you can even see that infantry models do that if you are attentive enough). I remember when doing some SE dueling (including footlords) a while back with a friend and we observed this on a various range of units.

    It's weird because it doesn't seems to be the unit that changes its aggro constantly (since it happens it 1V1) but more like it wanted to reposition itself.

    It's not very regular either as it can happen like 3 times in happen or never occur at all.
    But is talking about what is appropriate to talk about in this thread appropriate to be talked about in this thread ?
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