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TotalCrash - Games just randomly freezes and needs TotalReboot - TotallyAnnoying(tm)

TotallyFudgedOffTotallyFudgedOff Registered Users Posts: 1
Build: V1.3.0 11419.1772825 (modded)

I don't know what the "modded" bit means, I just bought this via Steam and did a standard install. I've not knowingly added any mods, and I don't know where to look to see what they are and/or delete them.

Detailed description:

Has been regularly crashing since installed. Always during the game at seemingly random points. Updating the nvidia driver fixed one or two annoying issues, but there are still a couple left. Once is bearable (lasts around 5 seconds, so annoying but not game breaking), but the other is a total crash.

I'll just be either on the map, or viewing the details of something (an army / town etc) and suddenly clicking on stuff no longer works, and none of the keys work (eg. esc etc) but the mouse and music may keep going for a short while. Then the mouse stops working and the music stops and is replaced by a buzzing. Once this process has started there seems no way to rescue the situation. I can't get back to windows (no response to ALT-TAB, CTRL-ESC or even ALT-CTRL-DEL) and the game is totally frozen. So I have to physically switch the PC off. This is happening 1-2 times per hour at the moment.

I have a professionally built gaming rig with water cooling and all that jazz, so overheating shouldn't be an issue. I've logged 250+ hours each on totalwar: warhammer and warhammer II, plus a fair bit on Shogun 2 and I never had any problems with those, but 3 Kinddoms has been flaky since day 1...

Reproduction Steps:

Play the game for any length of time...

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:

Updated video driver, verified files in steam, run as admin, changed in game video settings, ran the windows 10 file checker (sfc), turned off malware/antivirus, running with no other apps running.

There is no minidump file (the crash directory does not exist).


  • BillyRuffianBillyRuffian Moderator UKRegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 37,161
    Modded means that your game files do not exactly match the expected inventory. This can be because of missing, corrupted or otherwise modified files. In your case it seems that tthere is a file missing according to the modified.log; however, this file seems to be part of the 8 Princes DLC so probablyshould not affect the main game.

    To avoid having to close your machine try hitting Tab and the Windows key. This should allow you to set up a second desktop where you can run Task Manager to exit the game.

    Have you tried clearing your Steam Download cache before verifying the game cache? Something else that might help is doing a custom clean install of your graphics driver directly from the Nvidia site but not including Geforce Experiencxe.

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