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Chaos Invasion turn on ME and updates

amon_chakaiamon_chakai Registered Users Posts: 204
edited November 2019 in General Discussion
Hey guys,
Looking for some help with ME regarding when Chaos appears. Quick quick google search shows plenty of info over the years; some posts more recent than others, also mention of amethyst update.... people on other forums seemed to have different opinions.
So I couldn't find a clear answer, after playing the last few ME campaigns well past turn 200 and no invasion.
Is it a random event or scripted on how many provinces you have, and/or varies with player faction?



  • doclumbagodoclumbago Registered Users Posts: 1,600
    Invasion is dependent on certain factors

    what faction are you playing ?
    what strength level are you ?
    how many settlements do you own ?
  • Aram_theheadAram_thehead Registered Users Posts: 999
    Here is what I understood about the invasion after playing many campaigns. Each stage of the invasion is triggered after you reach a certain imperium level. I don't know how much alliances or settlements count towards this imperium level, but I think that settlements are the main thing to consider.

    The invasion shows up in 2 stages:

    Stage 1: weakish invasion. Usually spawns around turn 70. You need to control 15-20 settlements to trigger it. You can't stop this from respawning until you trigger the next stage

    Stage 2: Archaon and friends Usually spawns around turn 100-120. You need to control 25-35 settlements to trigger it. It stops respawning if all chaos legendary lords have been killed in battle and their army has been wiped out at least once. It doesn't matter if they have been killed by the player or the AI.
  • JadawinKhanidiJadawinKhanidi Registered Users Posts: 1,174
    Imperium level 7 triggers stage one (generic stacks). Imperium level 10 triggers stage two (Archaon&friends).

    But there are also timeouts that trigger the stages if the player's imperium level does not trigger them first.

    The first timeout is after 100 turns. However the invasion is not guaranteed to happen then, rather there is a 2% chance, which increases by 2% every turn. So stage 2 should be guaranteed to happen by turn 150 at the absolute latest.

    The timeout for stage two is 150 turns, with the same rules. So it can happen at turn 150, but no later than turn 200.

    That is what is in the script, and is consistent with what I see in my campaigns. I've seen some reports like that where players say they don't get an invasion even way beyond 200 turns. That must be either due to mods, or some unknown bug.

    Note that even if you don't have relevant mods currently enabled, your savegame may contain information that the Chaos invasion has already happened or should not happen at all, if you had relevant mods enabled earlier in that campaign, even for one turn.
  • Aram_theheadAram_thehead Registered Users Posts: 999
    @JadawinKhanidi do you have any info on the numbers behind the imperium level? was that in the script too? I always assumed it was just a matter of settlements.
  • JadawinKhanidiJadawinKhanidi Registered Users Posts: 1,174
    I also think it's just number of owned regions. But I don't know the thresholds for the levels, don't see them anywhere in the files.

    We can read the current imperium level of a faction via script though. So could probably find out by logging the number of owned regions and the imperium level, and then observe when the latter goes up, and deduce the level thresholds.

    Oddly, there aren't even descriptions for levels >7 in the files. But that may be just because CA don't show them anywhere in the game. Probably those descriptions are leftovers from previous titles where they were shown, but where the highest obtainable level was 7. (Description is something like "Your have established yourself as a worthy power." or "Your power is both feared and coveted.")
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