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Question about Scroll of Amber

Grimgor_the_CAkeGrimgor_the_CAke Posts: 1,655Registered Users
edited November 10 in General Discussion
How is this useful or I just dun know how to use it in proper situation? Any advice?


  • BjornNorlinderBjornNorlinder Posts: 40Registered Users
    Just click when enemy is wavering
  • 42konyo42konyo Posts: 774Registered Users
    Theoretically you could start a chain rout by using it around a unit with low leadership due to losses but due to campaign buffs once you get to the midgame it's rather useless, double so when playing on anything above hard difficulty.
    It kinda works when cycle charging at the same time, it will keep your low tier front line units from routing while causing the enemy to break faster so you can move on to the next target, but there's plently of better items that you could slap in that slot imo.
  • FrostPawFrostPaw Junior Member Posts: 1,064Registered Users
    99.9% of the time it is useless. The other time it will be out of range or you'll forget about it because something else is more worthy of your attention.
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