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Im recording my overall first experience on M2TW SS

MalhaMalha Registered Users Posts: 1
edited November 2019 in Medieval II: Total War
Hello guys, don't feel like I'm craving for subscriptions, I'm not. But I want to share with you all my first experience on M2TW SS. Probably you guys could enjoy to watch it and miss this game once again :D

I know I know, the first 7 videos I have some poor mic settings, and I felt a bit the "camera pressure".

If you do watch it, let me have some feedback on comments, so I can improve my content and overall quality as a video maker and entertainer.

PS: If by any reason this post is against the rules, let me know and delete it :x

Thank you all


  • MalhaMalha Registered Users Posts: 1
    Hello guys.
    I'm recording and sharing to you all my first experience on m2tw ss, with Portugal on very hard settings.
    If you guys want to come and watch it, I would really appreciate it!

    Not craving for subs tho.
    I just want real lovers of Medieval 2 to give me some feedback so I can improve my game and video/mic settings.


    Ps: Sorry for my English mistakes :P & Settings are better on Ep 8+

    If you do, plz leave me some feedbacks <3
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