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RD strat on third playthrough?

zets89zets89 Registered Users Posts: 2
So I have half of Japan...i know from saving and launching an attack in a scenerio that two more provinces starts an RD. Now I have half of Japan, and a three chokepoint strat: midchokepoint surroudned by montians, 1 route where I will park my army (a little bit outside my castle but definitely, if I am parked on a route right in between castles it should show up on the battle map, correct, it's just not randomly generated terraine, it has to do with where i place my armies on campaign map?) andd two standard chokepoints by the coast

Now if I wait a couple turns, will RD auto trigger or I HAVE to hit a province count?

Post RD should I Vassal outside of these chokepoints as 'strategic depth' for any incoming enemy armies? I only think it will bring me more time in a retreat, but I have half the income from these provinces. It just seems wiser to take.

From what I understand RD goes down after 20 rounds...but I never felt this is the case, the enemy just consolidates under one banner. People said they sit through RD? That doesn't seem right to me.

How does your RD strat change as you go higher and higher in difficulty?

Where can I see my daimyo honor?

im going all alnd this time...when they send navy behind lines i let them take and retake, also if i have a building queue i usually save/load cancel and let the mtake it


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