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Double intervention armies from the same race ?

Hi there, i don't know if this is a feature, but i am playing as Dark Elves, and whenever i do a ritual the lizardmen spawn 2 armies instead of one, the high elves spawn just one, and the skaven are all destroyed. I am asking about this because i had finished a campaign as high elves and know that each race gets to spawn only one intervention army during a ritual, i had begun this campaign months ago, and just got back into it recently so i don't know if any change was announced.


  • ALHDONALHDON Registered Users Posts: 42
    i think it may be a bug or they paid for 2
  • CrossilCrossil Registered Users Posts: 8,667
    At the same time or you destroyed one and then a second one was summoned a later turn?

    I think the other scenario can very rarely occur.


  • epic_159733939000OUu0AK1epic_159733939000OUu0AK1 Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited December 2019

    They spawned at the same time, i think when i pushed the '' end turn '', the first intervention army appeared on the Lizatdmen's turn, the second army appeared on the Itza turn, so when i was back at my turn again the two armies were already spawned, i guess it is a bug. But thank the lord for Morathi, i didn't like her spreading chaos in my territories at first, but she saved me and i couldn't be any more happier for confederating her, also had the intervention armies been more elite, i think they would have destroyed my capital, and that would have been a bummer since i am playing a very hard difficulty campaign.
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