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Legendary Athens

PanDemonPanDemon MemberRegistered Users Posts: 82
So I finally finished legendary campaign with Athens.It was a nice campaign,although i did not achieved all my goals.
Which was to imitate in playstyle the late hellenic armies; A thyreoforoi ,thorakitai,late heavy hoplites mix.
Sadly my totally composed Thyreos spears battle line ,could not hold the pike ,princepes assault,so i switched to full classical hoplites line.
I did not trained a single pike unit,and went full hoplites,slingers,citizen cav up to 70-90bc.At that point I unlocked Picked Hoplites but still in the end ,most of my armies were classical ones.
Standard composition was: One general,6 Slingers,2 citizen cav,11 hoplites.In :

The navy was composed of pursuit trihemiolia almost entirely untill mid-late game ,where i switched to balista triremes.
Peltast Biremes were a big dissapointment :/

The course of the campaign was to take Epirus,Trivalli,Odrysians.Then ally with all minor greek states of Anatolia.
Macedon was next and then Rome.Galatia grew into a superpower with heavy swordmen stacks and this was my most difficult enemy in the entire game.
After Galatia,Kimmeria rised up.In the between ,Suebi became a powerhouse.I allied with Massilia to take them out.Massilia campaigned far to the north ,but that was the opportunity the iberian states wanted to reach lower balcans.(Lusitani,celtiberian federation).
Rest of the game was to fight the Iberians and the occasional civil wars.Syracuse although a trusty defensive ally,refused to military ally with me,even with 60k gold offers..
Having no option to win the game,since they were holding magna graecia and africa I declared war on them.With thier client state offer,game finished.
It was a fun campaign after all and enjoyed using the hoplites all the time.
In the beggining I was using guard,phalanx,no formation ,but then switched to no guard,no phalanx ,and formation.
Most difficult part was the galatian armies,but it could be even bigger if the Thracian would grew more powerfull,I had no antidote for their totally op armies,except numerical superiority.


  • PanDemonPanDemon Member Registered Users Posts: 82
    After 4 failures :/ I managed to finish legendary massilia aswell.
    Arverni and their allies waged war on me non stop and their swordmen made short work of my linothorax wearing hoplite horde :/ .Rome and syracuse attacking me at same time did not helped either.
    But Helvetii,Suebi and Lucitani distract them long enough so I had time to wage more than 2 stacks.After that it was a matter of time to attrition the attackers in sieges.

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