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Has anyone ever played as Napoleon at Waterloo and won?

Spartan480BCSpartan480BC Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 130
Friends, my discussion title says it all. I'm making reference to the historical Waterloo game which is the culmination of the series of games under the category "Napoleon's Battles."


  • halverghalverg Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2
    Yes. I won by sending horse artillery, cavalry, and some infantry racing to the right flank. I hit the Prussians as they are entering the map, then move onto the ridge. I can fire my arty down the length of the allied line from that location. I roll up Wellington's flank from there. At some point the AI will panic and charge down the slope toward la Belle Alliance. They get mowed down by canister as they charge. The tactic doesn't always work.
  • Spartan480BCSpartan480BC Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 130
    Thanks, halverg! I tried the almost exact same thing a few times and still lost. The difference in what we did is that I left my artillery close to where it is at the start of the game; I merely moved it into the best covered position I could find in a somewhat sunken looking road. I employed my artillery in shooting up the British center as best it could. I didn't send my artillery out to the far right like you did because foot artillery is so agonizingly slow and likely to be knocked out by British artillery while it is crawling along behind its limbers. Now, I'll have to try your method of moving the French artillery to the far right.
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