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Shogun in Three Kingdoms style

SamijackSamijack Registered Users Posts: 1
I don't know was this idea before me but i want to sound that.
I think it would be great if CA make new part of Shogun with Three Kingdoms characters mechanics. What's that mean.
Make two mods. 1 - chronicles with old-fashion shogun-style 2 - mod where u can create your own general or hatamoto, choose his skills and customize his armor and weapon. It would look great in m japanese medieval setting. Add PvP battles more like ln old game "Warhammer: Mark of Chaos". Add option to craft and buying armor and weapon or take it in new province when your conquer it.
And add more types of units. Because in Medieval Japan there were a lot of types of weapon.
You can be don't agree with me but i think Shogun deserve that remake.
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