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Lower Passive XP Gains on A.I. Factions

Moisan4Moisan4 Registered Users Posts: 5
edited December 2019 in Balancing Discussions
It's insane, and it makes the garrisons for many factions completely useless. It also lets AI factions with great tech trees snowball out of control. Dwarves, Empire, High Elves, etc. On legendary their units are tier 7 by turn 15, it's insane.


  • Nitros14Nitros14 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,844
    No don't change it it's good.

    Legendary is finally feeling legendary after being a bit too easy for a long time.
  • Moisan4Moisan4 Registered Users Posts: 5
    I agree with that part. Unfortunately, since the last couple patches the same few factions always snowball out of control. So it makes the campaign, and the A.I. way more predictable, and you can predict who's going where, and who will win. The unpredictability of earlier patches is gone, and most campaigns go the same way, as far as A.I. behaviour, movements, win probabilities, etc.
  • ValkorumValkorum Registered Users Posts: 41
    I think a cap maby would work well, max tripple silver or something from passive exp for AI, maby a cap on very hard only if ppl playing legendary really enjoy having the counter to a unit get beaten by what it's suposed to counter... :D
    No I'm not salty atm not one bit (sarcasem) stupid gold cheveron maruders.....
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