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The idea of the setting for the new Total War

GennadisRokaGennadisRoka Registered Users Posts: 1
I would like to offer the developer ideas for a new game in the series Total War. In my opinion this could be out of something beautiful. Can accumulate options settings, assessing their capabilities, and the potential of projects-developers will offer players a list to vote what game they want to see. Please forgive me if I write in the wrong section, request the administration to move it to the right place.
Here are some options I can offer:
1. Forgotten Realms (D&D) - in this setting enough races, monsters, magic and the like. Full of creative ideas to go beyond what is presented in Warhammer.
2. Avatar: The Last Airbender - a very bright setting, according to the popular cartoon. The game could reveal the theme of 100 years of war. 4 Races, in addition to which you can diversify the faction. Most. And for a series of Total War - this will be a new challenge, because the battle will be tied to the magic, they will be a colorful extravaganza on the monitors of players.
3. Shining Force Series-was previously a game on the console Sega, genre trpg. Over time, experiments with Shining force led to a very different genre. But it is possible to take as a basis those first games of a series. Although the heroes there were represented by unique characters-There are full of races, man-birds, centaurs, elves, dwarves, a variety of creatures, and different weapons, spears, swords, axes, claws, magic. Rich soil for a powerful project, which with the proper approach, and good advertising, is sure to shoot. And support for the project can be carried out for a long time, the benefit of the content there is full.

What will the representatives of the developer answer? Can other players offer their ideas? :)
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