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Clan Eshin Overthrow Bug

colehaeskacolehaeska Registered Users Posts: 1
Turn 130ish into a Clan Eshin campaign I finally got to using Snikch's overthrow mechanic and I believe it has bugged the game out on the end turn. Here's what I experienced.

Upon using the ability the entirety of the Dwarves (around 30 settlements I think) all turned into greenskin rebels. I had one army at the Pillars of Grungi next to Karaz-a-Karak and attacked it the turn I used the ability. What I ended up seeing was a completely empty city. Meaning there was no army stationed there even when a flag representing a regular Goblin lord was in the city. There was also no garrison but the garrison said 0 for every orc settlement. I'll attach a photo to show what I mean. I unfortunately cannot pull up a photo of what it was like to attack the settlement, but the battlescreen was blank showing no greenskin force and the auto-resolve meter said I had 0 chance of winning with a full 20 stack of Skaven.

The other settlements in the South have present armies but no garrisons so they don't seem bugged. I'm not able to check since I cannot reach any settlement to attack at the moment. When I end my turn the game progresses just fine until it gets to The Golden Order which it freezes than crashes the game.

What I think is happening is there is another settlement somewhere up North in the fog that I cannot see that is glitched or bugged similarly to Karaz-a-Karak and the Golden Order has went ahead and attacked it causing the game to crash.

I hope this helps somewhat, if you need me to provide with a copy of my campaign can hand it over. I did mod it but with nothing extreme and all mods were deemed updated and compatible with the launcher. If any staff need a list of mods I can provide them on request.


  • FoxanuFoxanu Registered Users Posts: 3
    Have same situation in co-op campaign.
    Greenskins attack the rebellious city without a garrison, and at this moment the game freezes, and then crashes to the desktop.
  • #700661#700661 Registered Users Posts: 13
    I am getting the same bug. Wiped out the dwarves and on black crags turn the game CTDs
  • Jorvik21#3015Jorvik21#3015 Registered Users Posts: 8
    edited February 2020
    I also have encounter this bug when I overthrew as Eshin the Empire and the game crashes to desktop on turn 202 after hanging on Couronne for a few seconds. No errors. Saw on Steam about rebuilding folder with all the preference, but that did not help.

    Edit: Went back to prior save and reloaded. Otherthrew Empire again on turn 203 this time and it worked. Have continued on another 5 as I try to finish off the dwarves and not issue so far.
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