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New Content for existing DLCs?

Laytenb2122Laytenb2122 Registered Users Posts: 18
Since the update and the subsequent addition of Repanse, a free Brettonian Legendary Lord, I have been wondering about new content being added to existing DLCs. Repanse's very existence shows the possibility of factions like Chaos getting new stuff later down the line. This makes me very hopeful for the races that were unfortunate enough to be Game 1 DLCs as they aren't exactly the greatest. Anyway, how do you guys feel about this?


  • makar55makar55 Registered Users Posts: 1,951
    I think there is high chance some of next FLC will adress TWW1 races. We just got new Bretonnian LL and not a while ago there was hero FLC.
  • ConradToskanConradToskan Registered Users Posts: 223
    Well, a FLC won't solve the problems of said WH1 DLC races.

    We will need fully fleged DLCs to bring those races up to WH2/WH3 standard.
  • 1v01v0 Registered Users Posts: 266
    edited December 2019
    As far as FLCs we can expect only lords, and that is OK, but some races need more than that... units... and FLC units are well= no new assets= example chaos FLC :
    (3 units all old assets mixed(no new voicelines)),gaint slayer a slayer with an axe of the rangers(or was it another unit) again no new assets,harripes were added to BM because they were begin worked on for TW:WH2...

    So yea... FLC will be too little for some of the races.Thou to give credit where credit is due, the programmers do some really nice job on FLCs (features/mechanics/reworks). But we need DLCs, some DLC races just need DLCs...
  • KirkwaldKirkwald Registered Users Posts: 947
    Sisters of Sigmar for Volkmar please...

    Also, I might be in the minority for this but I seriously think Valkia will end up as an LL for WoC than the much expected Daemons of Khorne.
    In the lore, Valkia spent more time marshalling chaos warriors than hanging around her fellow daemon kin despite being a daemon princess herself.
  • TotalWarhammerTotalWarhammer Registered Users Posts: 179
    I'd like to see Ghorros Warhoof appear. CA could pair him with Thanquol and call it "The Drunkie & The Junkie DLC."
  • DeemsDogStomperDeemsDogStomper Registered Users Posts: 20
    At this point I'm just hoping for anything related to WoC content, but we'll probably have to wait until Warhammer 3 for anything major.

    I don't know a thing about the lore, but I thought the third game was gonna be all about Chaos.. correct me if I'm wrong, most of the time I'm wrong.
  • eomateomat Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,413

    I'd like to see Ghorros Warhoof appear. CA could pair him with Thanquol and call it "The Drunkie & The Junkie DLC."

    Man I’ve been asking for Ghorros Warhoof for ages. He would be so cool with a fast hitting Centigor focused army.
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