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Co-op Campaign, Neither Player Can Load

Kaito7x7Kaito7x7 Registered Users Posts: 1
edited December 2019 in Multiplayer Bugs
Started a new coop campaign as skryre/eshin and neither of us can load. Loading up prior saves of other coop campaigns with the same player yields the same results. In the new campaign he is listed as the first player instead of the second if that helps at all. Looking for anything that could fix this.


  • dulabudulabu Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited December 2019
    Build: 1.8.1

    Detailed description:
    Can't load multiplayer game (Vortex Campaign) - Cooperative
    Load button is never highlighted in game and friend cant join if i load the save in lobby.
    Other issue that occurs at the same time: in-game missions are sometimes multiplied (10 times mission to send agent in one direction).

    Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:
    -Checked game files
    -Disabled all dlc's on both sides
    -There are no mods in use or ever installed
    -Both have the same build version
    -Restarted campaign with other factions

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  • sovietwingssovietwings Registered Users Posts: 1
    Got issue with loading some battles with present skaven factions. Map completes loading on both ends in about same time(15 - 20sec) and there is 300 sec timer waiting for players for both games. Tried playing without mods with freshly downloaded clients got same issue. Happens in both vortex and ME campaigns. Battles against non skaven factions are fine no matter how much units there are and what units size scale.
    Both PC's running game on high settings with ~100fps campaign, ~60fps battle. Loading time usually about 20 seconds on both ends however one PC with game installed on SSD another on HDD.

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