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No enemy markers + Crash upon game exit

KombuchaKombucha Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 3
edited January 29 in Gameplay Issues
Hello everyone.

The game works fine...


1) when Im into battle, enemy markers are missing (I have to change the option from "show" to "hide", then to "show" again... everytime)

2) I can't exit the game properly. I have to go to task manager then force the end.

I've already removed all the mods
reinstalled the game
reinstalled Steam, direct x and Nvidia drivers,
verified game cache,
downloaded preference.script from a friend (mine was missing from /script folder)
uninstalled Geforce experience
disabled Antivirus
run as administrator

I'm running out of ideas

Help please :(

I know I'm not the only one experiencing this problem but no one could help me so far

PS : you ll find my dxdiag attached
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